Bearded Bry Bust

Welcome. Roam around my home online. I play drums. Acoustic and electronic. On stages and in studios. I sing. I write songs and music for film and television. I love to collaborate. Here are some recent projects:




War, One Afternoon

War, One Afternoon

Silence, Before Rain Artwork

Silence, Before Rain

Love, by Nature Artwork

Love, By Nature

Don't talk About Jesus! Artwork

Don’t Talk About Jesus



Little Dove EP Artwork

Little Dove EP

Little Dove This Holiday Artwork

Little Dove  This Holiday (I Miss You This Year)

Little Dove Demons Artwork

Little Dove  Demons

SPQR Happy Hour Artwork

SPQR  Happy Hour

Robert Watson The Graylands Artwork

Robert Watson  The Graylands

Complexions Summer 89 Artwork

Complexions  Summer ’89