Monthly Archives: December 2008



I’ll try to be concise. There have been a lot of changes. After nine years with Ashworth, I’ve decided to call it a day. It has been a great band to be apart of. We made two albums that I am very proud of. Adam Nevins is still doing shows with various players in Indianapolis as Ashworth. Be sure to check them out. You never know, I just might play a one off in the future. Siochain continued our very busy schedule most of the year. We even release our second album, Peace By Peace. I’m really happy with this. Everyone performed wonderfully. Mike Petrow’s engineering and mixing are stellar. However, after a very productive 3 1/2 years, Siochain is no more. Greater details are at . We are sad, but it feels right. Our final shows were some of the best I’ve ever experienced. Our fans came out in droves and showered us with love. Very memorable. We ended on a high note.

Despite these departures, I’ve stayed quite busy. I have the pleasure of doing a lot of jazz gigs the last several months. Weekly gigs with Reggie Bishop and frequent shows with the Jeff DeHerdt Trio have been a real treat. I’ve also played shows with two talented young ladies recently. Former American Idol contestant, Kendall Phillips is a fine singer that has been doing shows in the area. More are soon to follow. Paige Richie is an Indiana based country singer who is really turning heads. I’ve done several shows with her throughout the midwest and south. Both ladies are great talents. Keep your eyes and ears open. I’ve also done other shows with The Big Legumes and Chris Smail.

I recently started producing an up and coming album with Dave Gibbs. I worked with Dave a few years ago on his first album. We were able to bring in my friend, Mike Roe, to lay down some guitar tracks. He brought some real fire to the whole project.

Finally, I am proud to say that I am now playing Spaun Drums. My custom made kit was delivered this summer. As you can see, they sound and look amazing. I’m posting more photos of them on my images page.